VQV Tours is an acronym for Ves Que Vinc, a Catalan expression meaning "Come and Go". This is due to our origin as a travel agency simultaneously in Barcelona and in Beijing, where we have been always worked in order to improve every tour, both for travellers to China as for travellers to Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe, acting as a bridge between two great cultural points in East and West, repectively, and which we believe worth a greater immersion in order to apreciate deeply its unique treasures of natural, historical, cultural and touristic importance, beyond certain topics.
Our travel agency was created in 2006 with license GCMD189 as wholesaler-retailer with the goal of offering quality tours created directly by our team with their knowdlege or after your requests avoiding lesser demanding tours. We believe that the concept of travelling has to be another one: cultural, sustainable and perfectionist, this is how we consider tourism, always in a responsible way.
For more information you can contact us through email of telephone. Visits in our offices are arranged previously each time in order to attend correctly your needs, so you may address an email to us or make us a call in order to set up a meeting.


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VES QUE VINC is a wholesaler-retail travel agency with license: GCMD189 since 2006 and it is specialized in quality tours in English, Chinese and Spanish in Southern Europe and we also have the same kind of services in China for costumers from Spain, Latin America and other countries


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